"Whether or not you win the game... matters not. It's if you bought it."

Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines - Rosa is the first video of the Prologue, and the first canon video in the ARG. It is followed by Prototype: All Consume Kills (Warning: Extremely Graphic).


On June 14, 2009, a video was uploaded on a YouTube channel belonging to a user called Jadusable. This video depicts the player conversing with Rosa, a minor character in Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines. This was uploaded over a year prior to day four.wmv, yet it cryptically predicts many of the events of the Haunted Cartridge Arc.


The player character interacts with a psychic character named Rosa. The following transcript is the entirety of the conversation.

RosaYou have been... no, no, you are going to China.
PlayerWhat are you talking about?
RosaWhy is he smiling? The father? Is it- Is it the father behind him?
PlayerYou're not making any sense.
RosaYou chased it for the one at the top of the city... on the sea... oh, underground... ha, you found it... in the crypt, heh... it's open... hoh, he... it's open... oh god, oh god, run!
PlayerI don't understand.
RosaAh, I'm sorry. Sometimes I see... nothing - disregard what I say.
PlayerC'mon, tell me more.
RosaI don't know what I'm saying. Forget what I say.
PlayerCan you tell me my fortune? I'll pay you.
RosaFortune is not your destiny. All of us are unfortunate. Every time I sleep the future plays out before me. I know the ending... it will end over and over until I cease to dream. I know your questions. For $100, I'll tell you what you don't want to hear. I need money to leave this place.
PlayerA hundred? I'll give you twenty. Here's my question.
RosaThen ask... again.
PlayerWhat's going to happen to me in the next few nights?
RosaThe crimson ship. He's not who he says she is and it's going to burn. Dinosaurs? He's furious... the man with the crest... the voice in the darkness, boss. Chinese brothers. Follow the lights to the end of the tunnel. Where do you want to go?
PlayerWho can I trust?
RosaHmm... the man on the couch... the lone wolf. All others - tread carefully.
PlayerWho are my enemies?
RosaMany. Everywhere. Some with swords, some with smiles. But I pity them. You are a remarkable foe.
PlayerAny advice at all? Something that's going to save my life?
RosaDon't open it.
PlayerSo, am I going to win after all is said and done?
RosaWhether or not you win the game... matters not. It's if you bought it.
PlayerUh-huh. Goodbye.


Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines - Rosa

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines - Rosa


No one has put this up yet so I figured I'd take the liberty and do it. This is what happens when you encounter Rosa in the beginning of Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines in Santa Monica, and shortly after talking to her you end up being drowned in dialogue. What follows is a rather creepy and cryptic conversation about the player and his future. Several of the things she alludes to are kind of vague, though, like the lone wolf, but her sporadic facial expressions coupled with her fourth wall breakage definitely spooked the hell out of me when I first played the game at night stoned.


  • The title character is also the name of Matt Hubris' sister, Rosa, who is introduced in the Moon Children Arc.
  • "Why is he smiling? The father?" refers to The Father, and is repeated in jadusable.wmv.
    • "The man with the crest" and "[enemies] with smiles" are also references to The Father, who is represented in-game as the Happy Mask Salesman.
  • "The city," "the sea," "underground," and "the crypt" could refer to Clock Town, Great Bay, the Secret Tunnel, and the Stone Tower Temple, respectively; each of these locations were visited by Jadusable.
  • "The lone wolf" and the "man on the couch" refer to Alex and an unknown entity, respectively.
  • Rosa's advice, "Don't open it," predicts BEN's escape via user downloads of TheTruth.rtf.
  • "Whether or not you win the game... matters not. It's if you bought it," implies that, even if Jadusable had never played the haunted cartridge, he would have still been haunted because he received it.
  • The in-game question, "In fifth grade, who stole my bike?" may have predicted the theft of Ryukaki's bike in The Orchard.wmv; however, this may be purely coincidental.
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