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  • I was born on May 3
  • I am Female


Haha, I haven't edited my profile since I joined the wiki in November. Strange how time flies.

My name's Mora, but my username is Immortallies on here and on Within Hubris. I am female. I've been in this ARG since November 2010 and was made admin shortly after joining the wiki. You can contact me on my talk page or on the forums through PMs, whichever.

I may not have been here since the beginning, but I know the canon better than anyone, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

Currently I'm the only active admin on the wiki, and as UberTaco resigned, I am also the owner. Previous admins were UberTaco, TR1, and Anegative.

I taught myself everything I know about wikis and how to format/edit/code them, but I'm always looking to learn. If you happen to be an expert, please contact me and maybe you can help me out some.


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About The Wiki And Editing

People come to this wiki for anything related to the ARG. Accuracy and understanding of canon information is absolutely essential to us. We are extremely careful to screen any edits made by wiki contributors and anons alike, and we delete spam and game-jacking content immediately.

Information can easily be added and removed from this wiki all the time, and in saying that, I ask that you understand your canon and have accurate, factual information to contribute before you make any edits to the wiki. More than once new players have come through thinking they know what they're talking about, and they end up trashing both formatting and content on pages.

Any sort of vandalism or removal of information under malicious intent will get you banned from the wiki. I've dealt with vandals and spambots too often in the past. I will wield the ban hammer and ask questions later.

Fan-created content and attempts at "game-jacking" (taking control of the ARG yourself) does not belong on the wiki, and will be removed on sight along with a warning, telling you to take it to the forums.

All that being said, this wiki is basically a one-girl show. I'm generally the only one that puts effort into researching canon and editing the pages. If you want to help and contribute, feel free to do so. Just know your canon and what you're talking about before doing so, please.

I am actively seeking fellow admins. If you have the credentials and show yourself useful around the wiki, then you may get the spot.

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