aka Morgan

  • I live in Canada
  • I was born on February 16
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

Hey! I'm Morgan. Besides my passion for the story of BEN, I've had the pleasure of making new friends in my short time here and interacting with a great group of people. Apart from that, I've gotten to have a few great new experiences through my involvement here.



As of August 22nd, 2018, I've graduated high school and been accepted to the University of Alberta. There, I plan to pursue a Bachelor of Arts. I'll be majoring in German Language and Literature and East Asian Studies.


I've always had an interest in books, video games, movies, animation...the list goes on. All of them usually have something to do with horror or mystery, though I'm fond of straight up action-adventure games and RPGs.

On the Wiki

Why are you here?

I joined this wiki for cleanup and information collecting purposes. As a personal project, I save backups of videos and files in the event that they disappear.

I wasn't a participant in the original ARG, sad to say. I found out about it in late 2011, a few months after the hiatus began. Since then, I've been pretty interested in the lore and material. I've kept up with this wiki for a while, patiently waiting for the ARG to come off hiatus. It's only recently I've decided to make an account and actually contribute, however.

I sincerely hope to become more involved with the community in the future than I have in the past!

i also have a faint hope for the ARG to finally deliver, but we'll see lmao :^)

What do you want to do here?

I was picked up as an staff member here in summer 2016. As such, I intend to do as much as I'm able to help with the wiki, whether it be with cleanup, formatting, writing, CSS/HTML...whatever issues come up with the wiki, I'll do my best to help resolve them.

How would I get in contact with you?

Feel free to leave a message on my talk page. You can also contact me through Skype, or Discord if you'd like to discuss something with me more privately. I'm aaver.res on Skype, and aaver on Discord.

Other Projects

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