"for the faggot who posted the song of healing"
—Video description

songoftime is the sixth video in the Moon Children Arc, and the thirteenth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by Saviour.wmv and followed by ....

This is the sixth video response to be accepted and given an effect.


On September 20, 2010, a YouTube user called Miya (formerly Ps360FacePunch) posted this video, in which Link plays the Song of Time. After much discussion and consultation with others, it was uploaded as a video response to DROWNED.wmv


The Song of Time had the same effect as before, returning the Moon Children and to the beginning of the three-day cycle. However, it was too late to undo the damage done by the Song of Healing.





for the faggot who posted song of healing

Now if you don't mind Im going to bed


Link stands in front of the entrance to the Kokiri Forest and plays the Song of Time.


  • Soon after this video was uploaded, Alex commented the following on it: "NO! It's too soon!"
  • The song is not actually played in-game, but the audio is inserted over Link's idle ocarina animation.
  • This is the only song played on the Fairy Ocarina. This is ironic, because it's the only Song of Time accepted as a response, yet is not played on the Ocarina of Time.
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