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This article is about the character. You may be looking for the real Kayd Hendricks.

"By now, I'm either long gone, or it's caught up to me. Either way, these uploads will be my last messages to you. Wait for them."

Kayd Hendricks, also known as Ryukaki on several other media platforms, is a character and protagonist of the Moon Children Arc's second part. Over the course of three days, Ryukaki detailed his attempt to escape the entity that chased him, heavily implied to be Kelbris.


Moon Children Arc

On October 6, visitors to discovered several numbered files used throughout the site, among them mhftt.txt, Ifrit's final words. One of two ciphers at the end translated to, "KAYD HENDRICKS YOU ARE IN DANGER." He was promptly found, and discovered to be the only person who received The Truth's username and password from Rosa, which is presumably why he was in danger.

The following morning, Ryukaki uploaded a video, titled Sounds.wmv, in which he describes several noises that have been keeping him up. For a short time, two lights are visible and are implied to be a manifestation of BEN, as those lights were not present when he recorded it. Later that day, he uploaded Music.wmv, in which he focused the camera on his phone after being called and greeted with the reversed Song of Healing. A few hours later, he uploaded The Orchard.wmv and Orchard2.wmv, in which he is fleeing something that gives chase to him. He claimed that it stole his phone before being chased away by a pack of dogs.

Two days later, Ryukaki posted theconnection.wmv, which contained a view of a mirrored and ciphered link to his Mediafire account. He addressed a person named Thomas in the video, but this is the only time he was mentioned. Over the next few hours, files on a timed upload and deletion schedule appeared for short times. Together, they form a warning and final goodbye from Ryukaki, and are implied to have a hidden meaning.

After the final messages were received, he uploaded a video called lastwords.wmv, containing non-sequential bits of video and backmasked audio, revealing that he had moved into Ben's old house. A quiet whisper could be heard, which said, "Please help me...please help me."

Hubris Arc

Users discovered account belonging to Ryukaki in the Tenor group on Within Hubris.


Ryukaki exhibited a sense of morality and good will toward his audience, and was willing to sacrifice himself for his cause. He appeared to be worn down by the constant bombardment of music and chases, and slowly lost a lot of sanity before his disappearance.


  • Moon Children Arc
    • mhftt.txt
    • Sounds.wmv
    • Music.wmv
    • The Orchard.wmv
    • Orchard2.wmv
    • theconnection.wmv
    • lastwords.wmv
  • Hubris Arc
    • Within Hubris


  • Ryukaki shares his name with his real-life counterpart, Kayd Hendricks.
  • A misunderstanding in the dialogue of Orchard2.wmv led to a joke among the community about Kelbris stealing his bike, and even shipping Kelbris with the bike.
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