This AMA was held by Alex Hall on May 12, 2012 in /r/iAmA. It took place during the hiatus, and one month after the release of king kong.wmv.

Due to the nature of some of the content linked in the interview, reader discretion is advised. Content linked may not be suitable for readers under 18.


TheRealJadusable: Hey Reddit!

Roughly two years ago I wrote a story about a Haunted Majora's Mask cartridge that went viral on the internet and inadvertently ruined any decent discussion of Majora's Mask henceforth. I'm currently working on a full length feature film about the current state of Generation Y and how it relates to the boon of technology, the power of media, and the obsession of pop culture through the eyes of those who have grown up alongside it. My goal with this film is to inspire other writers, artists, and entrepreneurs to go out there and grab life by the proverbial balls. I'm going to be releasing the film freely available to download because I feel like the message of it is so damn important. 

Anyway, I'm more than happy to answer any questions about the Jadusable Haunted Majora's Mask series, and my upcoming film/Kickstarter project Methods of Revolution. 

The Kickstarter for this film is struggling, and right now we need more help than ever to make this a reality. I'm not going to be making any profit off of this film, I'm making it because this message needs to get out there. I believe that it can make a difference for a lot of independant and struggling artists/creators/writers/etc and that our generation needs to be able to see this. There are a ton of fun rewards listed on the Kickstarter that you guys will really enjoy, and for more info visit the Kickstarter Page itself. Thank you so much for your support. 

Twitter Proof (follow me, I don't bite!):

 Thanks! Alex

PaperCamm: What was the inspiration for the haunted Majora's Mask cartridge? It's a fascinating read and I know it's affected a few of my friends (Ben remains a haunting image for them).

TheRealJadusable: I came up with the idea on a whim, really, I had never written horror before and I was curious to see if I could make a compelling story. I looked at what made other creepypasta stories successful and brainstormed how I could distinguish my story from the rest of the "haunted videogame" stories. I chose Majora's Mask because that game was one of my favorites growing up and yet there was always something just unsettling about it that I couldn't put my finger on, so I figured that would be a good jumping off point.

I always thought there was a big disconnect between reading a story on the internet; you never really felt like you were connected to the story and there was always that safety wall, which is why I made a point to include the readers as much as possible as the story developed.

I opted to write it "in character" instead of just having the entire thing posted as a one-off story. This way the audience could interact with me and feel connected to the story and the avatar of "Jadusable". I think in the end it enhanced a lot of the turns that the story took, and made the audience feel directly threatened (maybe too much in the case of some people) by the antagonist.

ncuday: So what made you decide to use Majora's Mask in your story in the beginning?

TheRealJadusable: It was a game that was really unique when stacked up against the rest of the series. There was always some kind of creepy underlying tone to it that made it such a fascinating game for me and the perfect setting for this story.

Vhinfy: Hey Alex big fan of the creepypasta and your upcoming movie :D and i have a question for you. did anything really inspire you to make the creepy pasta? or were you just like one day "im gonna make something awesome" and you made it?

TheRealJadusable: I sort of did it on a whim, I don't write horror and its not really my genre of choice, but I was always curious to explore that genre and make something that was more psychologically impactful instead of just jump scare after jump scare.

JoMan112: It's obviously helped, but do you think that without the fame from the creepypasta, Methods of Revolution would have any chance at all of becoming reality?

TheRealJadusable: I believe that Methods of Revolution could still become a reality, but it probably wouldn't be feasible to make this year, and I'd have to work extremely hard to make it. But I'm not sure if I would have even come up with the idea for this film were it not for the success of the creepypasta.

I've learned a lot of things from my experience with the story, actually was flown out to New York and talked with some major production companies (that I won't name) about optioning off the rights to the story to make a film. Just seeing what was possible really opened my eyes. You don't have to be in Hollywood to create something famous, that barrier that existed 15 years ago does not exist today, and more people need to be taking advantage of this. I received dozens of emails saying how my success was inspiring to them as a writer and realizing how important having that impact is on people and helping to improve their own lives, the gears began to turn in my head which slowly lead to me coming up with Methods.

GreyouTT: What exactly did you use to mess with the game?

TheRealJadusable: I used Project 64, a ROM version of Majora's Mask (I bought the game when it came out Nintendo, don't sue!), and used gameshark codes to do the crazy animations. I remember having to search extensively for them on the internet, but there are lists out there of almost every animation and variable you can think of in the game if you look hard enough.

I'm not sure if this is the only site I used, but I would recommend digging around here if you wanted to try it out yourself:

Dizzam13: Do you ever get annoyed that people always want to ask/talk about the Majora's Mask story? I always have questions about it, but if it were me, I would get a little tired of the thing.

TheRealJadusable: I quickly learned the value of patience once I ended the story originally back in September (October?) of 2010, it doesn't really bother me so much because I can understand where they are coming from - if they're enthusiastic about it I take it as a compliment and I'm flattered. It's still weird how quickly things changed in my life, even though the dust has settled its something that I still do a double take on from time to time.

molobakk: You shouldn't have done that

TheRealJadusable: Also, having patience means pretending each time like this is the first time anyone has ever said that to me. :P

HoboInTheCorner: What would you say the biggest difficulty was in creating the Within Hubris game? Bonus: Hobos. How do you feel about them?

TheRealJadusable: Well, making the Hubris Game was a nightmare on both ends. I had never made a game before and naturally I ran into a laundry list of challenges and deadends that were disheartening. Whenever I would report progress or give updates to the Within Hubris forum, it seemed like I could never do right by them. I got critiqued a lot, both rationally and irrationally. On the bright side, it definitely helped me "toughen up". I had been used to dealing with the casual naysayer or hater in real life just like everyone else, but this was the first time that I was the target of a lot of pretty personal criticism from people that I couldn't seem to reason with no matter how hard I tried. I learned that you can't please everyone and that if you're in the spotlight you will inevitably be the target of some incredibly offensive things. I do appreciate everyone who gave me constructive criticism and had some empathy with what I was trying go through, but it was pretty demoralizing on the creative side for me. I could never really seem to convey to them no matter how much I tried that making a game like this wasn't easy. Despite it all, I can't get mad at them because I understand where they are coming from and all it means is that they're just enthusiastic about my work and I do appreciate it, but it is still a bummer.

ncuday: How long have you been working on Methods of Revolution, like coming up with the story, drafting the script, etc.

TheRealJadusable: I've been working on this project for about a year now, I've written, re-written, and changed this screenplay so many times I've lost count. The final product is something that I am incredibly proud of, and I can say without hesitation that this is the best piece of writing - both in terms of the overall story and actual content - that I have ever made.

Kaboois: If Methods of Revolution becomes successful and a big hit, what do you think you're going to try after?

TheRealJadusable: I want to finish up the final arc for the Jadusable story, because I've already invested a fair amount of money into it and because I owe it to my fans. I think taking this break and working on something else will be therapeutic for me and allow me to reapproach Arc 3 with the vigor needed to make it everything I want it to be.

JoMan112: When you first started up the creepypasta, how were your initial expectations for it? How did you feel when you saw it start to blow up and really become a thing?

TheRealJadusable: I had no idea it would turn into something so massive. I thought the story I wrote was decent enough and had a neat hook with it that would illicit some attention, but waking up one morning and finding Kotaku and Joystiq stories about it totally blew my mind. I didn't really stop and think about it for too long - because I didn't have time to - and I immediately started work on the next chapter. Took a long time for it to actually sink in. It's still kind of crazy.

Otend: Is extending the deadline for MoR a possibility? It seems like it could potentially snowball.

Also, I just wanted to say that the BEN series is one of the most innovative things I've seen in terms of storytelling. I honestly couldn't have come up with that, and I'm excited to see what'll come with MoR.

TheRealJadusable: It's not a possibility given the way Kickstarter works, unfortunately, but I believe that we can make it. We just need to spread this around as much as we can, I've been working my hands to the bone trying to do this, but I can't do it alone. This is such an important film for people to see, especially people our age who have big aspirations and talents. They can't get discouraged and have them atrophy. This video helps paint a picture of just how crucial this film is

Thank you, I can't elaborate on the story of Methods of Revolution for reasons I've mentioned before, but rest assured that the same innovative storytelling that I used in Jadusable is very much present in Methods. You guys will get a kick out of it.

dancon25: Do you ever regret announcing Within Hubris and the Jadusable game as early as you did? What inspired you to make the third part of the Haunted Cartridge series an experiment in interactivity, and are there any details you can share about the upcoming plot or gameplay? Good luck with your film!

TheRealJadusable: Yes and no. I regret not being able to finish it with the resources I had at the time back in 2010/2011, but I don't regret choosing to make it. I wanted to expand on the feeling of interactivity and personal investment that the viewers had with the entity and Jadusable in the first part of the story, so going to a full blown game where you had to directly interact with BEN was the next logical step for me.

ChibiFlakes: Any tips for anyone who would want to make an ARG like yours?

TheRealJadusable: I'm paraphrasing a line out of Methods of Revolution here, but it's not enough just to make a good piece of work, that's just half of the battle. The other half is making it stand out. You need some kind of unique pull, some kind of defining element to your story to make it stand out from all the others. For me that was the emphasis on the viewer involvement and the inclusion of the actual hacked ROM videos of Majoras Mask that added another depth to the text.

BobisOnlyBob: This was your YouTube icon at one point during the events of the ARG, pre-Children-of-the-Moon. What is it/where did it come from?

TheRealJadusable: It came from a google search (, which was crazy because I wrote the story first (including the bit about Jadusable finding the ink blot that looked like Majora's Mask at a garage sale), and then later found this image which looked surprisingly just like that.

Oxygoron: How can we be so sure that this isn't just BEN fooling us into a false state of security? He's obviously done it before, and I for one fully believe that he is still lurking out there.

TheRealJadusable: This isn't BEN, he's still out there, dormant, but this is Alex :P

Kind_Of_Right: About how long did it take you to put together everything for the Majora's Mask series (writing, making the videos, ect.) and then release it?

TheRealJadusable: For the first chapter (before the story "started"), I think I came up with the idea and wrote it two days before I published it. Then one day before I first posted it I created the video. After that, I'm fairly certain the process for the following three videos was to immediately start writing the next chapter the same day after reading the reception to the previous one, create the video the following day, and then publish it. I may have deviated from that schedule depending on the video, but that was roughly how it went down.

MartyKirra: Hey Alex, I've been a casual fan (if there is such a thing) of your work since the beginning. As an independent film director and visual media artist, I've got a huge movie project that I'm working on in the summer and it's really my first step into something big. My question to you is, what would be your advice for someone who is trying to make a moderately ambitious film project for the first time? How do you create motivation for not only others but for yourself? Thanks for your time, and I look forward to Methods of Revolution!

TheRealJadusable: Oh man, I could talk about this for hours. This is one of the biggest reoccurring themes in Methods of Revolution and there's nothing I could say here that isn't conveyed ten times better in the screenplay. I think you're exactly the kind of person that would really benefit the most out of seeing the film man. But since you're doing this this summer and you don't have time to wait, I will try and briefly give my own personal two cents.

You have to believe in your abilities and the potential of your project absolutely. You need to show others your passion for it, convey it genuinely, and they will share your enthusiasm. Lead these people, confidence inspires success. Know that you will make mistakes along the way and people may give you shit for it. Put it in perspective, you are putting yourself out there and you are learning with each and every step you take towards this project. Don't be afraid of failure, even if you fall on your face you are still moving forward. Regardless of the outcome, you can take solace in knowing that you have the right kind of mindset and you have the initiative to actively take steps towards achieving your dream, and that by continuing you will eventually be where you want to be.

Be aware that there will be people out there who will hate you for trying to do this, to try and create something fantastic. Don't let them get to you. But at the same time, don't turn your back to those who offer their constructive criticism with your best interests at heart. Take in and analyze the constructive criticism and learn to ignore the naysayers and those who wish to see you fail. The people who cannot will always criticize the people who dare to try, they will try and discourage you because they are afraid of what happens if you succeed and what that might mean for them. You will never see a successful individual harass and try and bring down a young man trying to take the steps to achieve his dream. In fact, you're much more likely to see encouragement.

It's not an easy path. If it was, everyone would be out in Hollywood right now. Tackling an experience like this on your own will test your resolve and your own willpower, but the payoff is incredible. Good luck my friend. Don't ever doubt yourself.

Mato_The_Tomato: How and why did you choose /x/ to post the Majora's Mask story?

TheRealJadusable: Well, I didn't know of Reddit at the time and 4chan was the most popular internet message board, which made it the perfect place to post it for it to get attention. It made even more sense when you take into account that they have their own forum for the paranormal, so I didn't feel like I was intruding.

Rahryy: Hey Alex, If Methods of Revolution were to have an age rating what do you think it would be?

TheRealJadusable: R. This is not because of some eyerolling excuse to be "edgy' or anything, but because this film is very much grounded in reality, the characters themselves (who are roughly around 20 years old) handle the issues and events in the film with all the grace and tact that actual college kids would. It's not intentionally trying to be explicit or offensive, but I feel like a lot of the relatability that this story has would be diminished if it became apparent that we were tiptoeing around with the interactions between the characters. It's very unapologetic.

Vinylzen: First off let me say Ive been a real big fan of your work on so many levels. Not just with succeeding in capturing the emotional connection I've also percieved off of Majora's Mask story but how much respect I have with the entire idea of Methods of Revolution. It sounds really inspiring and I'm excited to see it take off! While I'm in no position now to contribute to it unfortunately, know you have my full moral support in this project!

Anyways as I've mentioned, me and Majora's Mask go way back on such an emotional level and its one of those few games that succeeds in immersing me into it's intense world. I found this to be so appealing about the game, the raw emotional energy with it, the relatibility, just one of those games that, if any, can potentially make me cry. So my question to you is, how do you personally relate to Majora's Mask? I really love how youve managed to capture this connection so well, touching effectively on achieving the feeling of lonliness its known for. Its such a powerful theme too considering the source of the skull kids problems stem from this lonliness. So basically, how much of this unsettling feeling is autobiographical? How much of the story is fiction versus real emotions youve drawn inspiration from the game? Expanding from this further is how much do you attach yourself to your work in general? I know for sure these arent just stories youve pulled out of your ass. Im sure you see alot of yourself in it, no? Of course im just firing questions at you, I dont expect you to answer them in that order verbatum haha. But i think you get the jist of my general question. Cheers!

TheRealJadusable: First of all, thank you. You can support the project by spreading the word as much as you can! That's almost just as important as any monetary donation. With Majora's Mask, there was a certain feeling about it that I loved. The tone of it was just really fascinating to me, even as a kid, at how competent it was at making the experience - for lack of a better words - dream-like and bittersweet. You're in a strange world, with strange characters, and its made stranger yet because you think you know some of these characters from Ocarina of Time, yet they're completely different people. Any accomplishment you make in the game is eclipsed knowing that the moon will crash in three days and everything you've done will be undone. You save all these people and then you have to go back in time and it's like it never happened. It's a weird, albeit lonely feeling that was so fascinating to me. It always felt like there was something more sinister at work and there was a great sense of hopelessness. No other videogame ever conveyed such a memorable setting to me.

With the Jadusable story, even though I was "in character" as a guy, I wanted to distance myself from him as much as I could. I don't know, I guess the idea of writing about these horrible things happening to a persona of myself didn't sit too well with me. There is a bit of a connection between us because some of the feelings that I felt playing the game as a kid are magnified and tweaked a bit to fit with the story. The disconnect between myself and the character of Jadusable allowed me more freedom with the story, I think.

In my other work (i.e. non horror) I do invest a bit of myself in it, but I always refrain from going too far, because I feel like ultimately in telling a good story I should remain neutral and avoid choosing favorite characters and such.

DeusExInsula: Hello Alex. I wanted to let you know that your creepypasta/ARG kind of changed my life. Really. I met some amazing people while trying to figure out the story, and being a freshman at the time in a college where I knew nobody, that helped me from being not quite so lonely. Because of your story I became interested in more creepypasta, especially the Slenderman Mythos, and involvement in that eventually led me to meeting my best friend. And while I'll be honest in saying that I'm kind of sour still about how everything went with the story, the forums, the game, you really did make something amazing and I would not trade the time I spent being a part of it for anything. I don't have any money at the moment to support your Kickstarter, but it does look interesting and if I have the chance I hope to donate.

...all of that and I haven't gotten to a question. Uhh, well. What did you think about the different groups that formed to try to 'beat' the ARG? I was in the BomberGangKids (I kind of still identify as such) but the drama between some of the groups got to a point where I just avoided the forums and such altogether...

edit: I think "sour" makes me seem more upset than I really am. For clarification, I'm not angry, just a bit disappointed, but overall everything you did was fantastic so I'm pretty much okay with that :)

TheRealJadusable: Wow man, I'm really glad to hear that. I'm glad that this story inadvertently helped you out in your own life, that really puts a smile on my face. Thanks for taking the time to write this.

I was supportive of the groups that formed around the ARG to collaborate and I thought that was the coolest thing ever. I imagined groups working together, dividing up the work load, and even have rival groups competing with them, which all sounded awesome to me. But what it turned into was probably to the detriment of the story and what I believe started the decline in the quality of the community of Within Hubris at large. People became really cliquey and instead of the different groups ultimately being united together, it turned into a weird hierarchy. There were rampant cases of elitism to other users and there were cases of withholding information from people that weren't in certain groups that was really discouraging to watch for me. People started to think (and certain groups perpetuated the idea) that because I interacted with one of their members in a discussion or used one of their chat channels for a Q&A session that they were privy to special information or secrets. It turned the community against itself for no reason, really disappointing.

amongstheliving: hello! I'm just curious as to what your opinion is on the whole "Ben drowned" being seen as Ben actually drowning someone instead of him drowning.

Also, favorite snack while playing video games? ;) thanks for the AMA!

TheRealJadusable: Haha, no comment. You have to make your own conclusions.

Favorite snack? Uh, probably nachos. Nachos are pretty boss.

acsinclair: I find myself drawn in by your passion for the film. Being someone who is very impressed by the example of your extreme creative ability that is your creepypasta, the fact that you are so passionate about this project is more than enough to get me excited about it. I also know what its like to be judged by what you personally consider to not be a prime example of your own writing. I sent a personalized message through facebook to my friends encouraging donations to your kickstarter campaign, a few told me they are interested so hopefully you'll see a few more backers appearing soon. What I'd like to bring up is that donating to your project and supporting it is, first and foremost, an act of faith. Faith in you and your creative ability to deliver to us something truly worthwhile. I have that faith in you, so what I'd like to ask is what you can tell us, without compromising the surprise of experiencing the film, that will assure others that Methods of Revolution is something different, something meaningful and something the world, especially our generation, needs to see.

TheRealJadusable: This put such a big smile on my face. Thank you man. I appreciate the support so much and I'm glad you can see why I've chosen to be hesitant with the actual plot of the story. In today's society, the stuff that Methods deals with is sensitive. It has to operate around a lot of disappointing cliches (I say disappointing because it's sad that they're so overused to the point they become a cliche). Showing the wrong scene or elaborating on the wrong part of the story when it's isolated by itself runs the risk of illiciting a knee-jerk reaction and making some people jump to conclusions and have all kinds of prejudices and preconceptions about the film going into watching the full thing, severely diminishing the potential message and impact it could have on them.

For as empowering and motivational of a message as "follow your dreams" is, it has been done so ineffectively and mediocrely in just about every medium that it's become a total cliche. And that's incredibly infuriating.

And yeah, you're right, it is weird to have something that I don't consider my best writing (not to say Jadusable isn't good, but its not my best) to be what I'm known for. But if this is how I get my start, then who I am to complain?

Jayradisrad: Hi Alex, I'm a big fan of the upcoming Methods of Revolution and ofcourse a follower of the Jadusable story. You're writing skills are amazingly grasping, I obviously was not the only one that HAD to check out CleverBot as soon as I read about Jadusable's expierence, and very inspirational for young writers. My question for you is, can fans of your work expect anything else along the lines of horror in the future?

TheRealJadusable: Besides finishing up Arc 3, maybe not in the short term (of course, even that is talking in terms of a whole year here). But let's just say I would be extremely surprised if I never return to the genre in the future. I think every now and then that itch will need scratching, and its a fun change of pace from the norm.

AetosThanatou: How do you feel about /v/?

TheRealJadusable: they don't seem to like videogames very much

Rahryy: I have another question. What are you planning to have in the soundtrack for Methods?

TheRealJadusable: The soundtrack is going to be great, I've got a lot of independant composers that are interested and keeping with the theme for Methods I'm going to try and include as many of them in this as I reasonably can in this production to help get them exposure.

Rahryy: Let me know if you need anymore music as I am currently dabbling with FL Studio and I hope to be improving my skills over the next year or do. I would love to have an opportunity at creating some music for your film.

TheRealJadusable: By all means, we're still looking for pretty much everything. Toss me an email at for now, I'll have a better avenue to handle offers like this once the Kickstarter gets situated.

obake: You've been enthusiastic about some message boards you're planning to set up for MoR. Will you tell us anything more about what role they'll play?

TheRealJadusable: This video explains a lot of it:

beforethewind: Do you watch EverymanHYBRID?

TheRealJadusable: No, I never really saw more than an episode or two of the whole slenderman / marble hornets stuff. Seemed pretty good though.

mythmaster: I trolled the ARG once and received death threats. Do you feel that some fans took the game too seriously? You can include me if you want!

Personally, I feel skeptical donating to Methods of Revolution because you don't have the best track record when it comes to finishing what you started. How can we trust that you'll finish this project when you abandoned the last one? Will you ever complete the ARG?

Best of luck though.

TheRealJadusable: Some people did take the story too seriously, I remember there was one person who thought the Moon Cult was coming for him and turned off his internet and hid in his house or something. I think its on Encyclopedia Dramatica or something.

Also when it comes to me finishing the production of the game, keep in mind that it isn't just black and white like that. A lot of resources, time, and money goes into making a videogame, even a much more condensed one. It's not like I just decided one day to not finish the game portion of the final arc, the realization that I would have to put this on hiatus was one that I came to begrudgingly, and I still regret having to do that.

There was no possible way to finish the game up to the quality that I wanted in any reasonable amount of time with the nonexistent budget I had and I didn't want to lead you guys on, so I made the difficult choice to put the production of the game on hiatus until I could have the funds and resources to do it justice because I feel like you guys deserve a complete, quality finale - there was no way I was going to half ass this.

There were many setbacks and obstacles in the production of the Hubris game, but they were just obstacles, there was only one roadblock that prevented the Hubris game's completion and that was not having enough money to make it. With Methods, I've planned out the entire budget several months ago, trimmed it down as low as it can be, and I know exactly how much money I need to make this film a reality. If we reach the Kickstarter goal for Methods, then the roadblock that prevented the production of the Hubris game is gone and it's all systems go and nothing will be able to hold us back from completing it.

mythmaster: Thank you. I just became a backer (only 5 dollars...broke college student lol), but I wish you the best.

TheRealJadusable: Thanks man! Don't worry about the amount, it's the thought that counts. Make sure to spread it around to your friends and family who you think might really resonate with this message!

Thatdudewiththestuff: I would like to say one thing, and one thing only.

Fuck you. I found that stupid website and was completely and utterly riveted throughout the entire story, and then proceeded to have nightmares about it for the next month. I lost perfectly good sleep to that story, and for what? Nothing! Nothing, I say!

Anyway, keep up the good work.

TheRealJadusable: D:

the_plus_one: Do you ever have nightmares about your own stories? I still can't stomach watching half of the videos.

TheRealJadusable: Not really. I think that was one of the reasons why I didn't want to invest much of myself into writing and characterizing Jadusable the character. I distanced myself as much as I could from the characters, it wasn't "How would I react in this situation?" it was "How would Jadusable react in this situation?"

thebeardsman: My friend is really terrified of your creepy pasta, anyway that i can get him to stop being scared of it?


liquidMountaun: Will MoR have any BEN references in it?

TheRealJadusable: Who knows! Although I will say that I love putting little easter eggs in my work.

[deleted]: I saw this AMA and read the whole story this morning. Well done, sir. You really went the extra mile with those videos!

How did you go about creating the videos?

TheRealJadusable: Project 64 Emulator, really specific Gameshark codes, and some clever video editing!

TaylorTotFTW: Any hints on how you plan to end the MM story? It seems like the current state of the story doesn't sit well with your fans

TheRealJadusable: There's a playable game that will be released alongside the last "arc" of the story, where you (the viewer) are basically given a similar role to Jadusable in the original story (i.e. you have to contend with the entity yourself and interact with it).

Not much else I'm ready to reveal about it, but production on that is going to resume after Methods of Revolution is completed, so it won't be any time in the immediate future.

WinterXD: KingKong was the best video ever made

TheRealJadusable: Jibbs seemed to think so. King Kong.wmv went viral the very day it came out, so much so that Jibbs himself ended up catching wind of it and now we follow each other on Twitter. He's a cool dude.

Pyrolytic: Are you familiar with the work of Bloodstains? It feels like there's a spiritual connection between their work and yours (no pun intended).

TheRealJadusable: Never heard of it, I'll have to check it out.

fixedonthesun: As a hopeful scifi/horror writer, I must say...You are a huge fucking inspiration to me.

TheRealJadusable: I love hearing this kind of stuff, thank you man. In my opinion its one of the highest praises someone can give.

Charmalandosaur: What are you going to do if you don't reach the amount of money you need? I've donated by the way ;)

TheRealJadusable: We'll cross that bridge when we get there, if we get there. Maybe an alternate source of crowd-funding or something, but right now all my efforts are focused on getting the Kickstarter to be a success.

Phil_Bond: I love that you're aware that you've destroyed the Internet's ability to discuss Majora's Mask, a game that has itself destroyed the Internet's ability to discuss The Legend of Zelda.

TheRealJadusable: It's like a messed up version of pay it forward.

BipboppityBoop: So what's the deal with your movie? How is it different from any other "inspirational film" made about our time.

(I'm thinking things like Zeitgeist, Home, Planet Earth, Transcendent Man w/ Ray Kurzweil etc.)

I support what you are doing but this movie seems like something that has already been done numerous times before. Good luck

TheRealJadusable: I understand where you're coming from, and the best I can tell you at this point is just wait and see.

from an earlier post I made:

"In today's society, the stuff that Methods deals with is sensitive. It has to operate around a lot of disappointing cliches (I say disappointing because it's sad that they're so overused to the point they become a cliche). Showing the wrong scene or elaborating on the wrong part of the story when it's isolated by itself runs the risk of illiciting a knee-jerk reaction and making some people jump to conclusions and have all kinds of prejudices and preconceptions about the film going into watching the full thing, severely diminishing the potential message and impact it could have on them. For as empowering and motivational of a message as "follow your dreams" is, it has been done so ineffectively and mediocrely in just about every medium that it's become a total cliche."

That's why there are a scarce amount of details and plot points right now, it's intentional.

lulztrooper: How do you feel about piracy? Of games, mainly, but partiaally music/ movies.

TheRealJadusable: When it comes to music, I think that piracy is the new radio. With movies its difficult, but I think that in the next few years we're going to see some interesting alternate methods of distribution with film that as a byproduct will allow more indie filmmakers to get in the proverbial spotlight.

With games, I think that its in extremely poor taste to pirate a game made by a small, struggling independent studio that needs every sale they can get. When it comes to bigger franchises like Call of Duty, I'm indifferent. I still don't support it by any means, but at the same time its not like Activision is going to be hurting because of a few missed sales.

GalacticNexus: What creepypasta/other stories did you take inspiration from?

TheRealJadusable: I wouldn't say there was any one in particular I drew inspiration from, but there were definitely a few that I felt were really interesting concepts and well written that may have started turning the gears in my head that lead to coming up with the idea for the Jadusable story.

I have not read any kind of creepypasta in a long time (like circa 2010), but I remember finding the Fallout 3 numbers station story and the Morrowind spider.. thing story pretty interesting. There was also another creepypasta which I can't recall for the life of me that I remember finding interesting. It had to do with some foreign game with two main characters. One of them was a ghost or something. I think it ended with a collector buying the last copy of the game and playing through it. I could try and make that sound more vague if you guys wanted.

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