"Goodbye Ben."
Old Man

The Old Man is a character involved in the Haunted Cartridge Incident. He was in possession of the Majora cartridge for a period of time prior to September 2010, when Jadusable approached him and received it.


Haunted Cartridge Incident

Jadusable approached the old man during a trip to local garage sales. After making a small trip back into his house while searching for video games, he returned to Jadusable with a copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask that had its label removed and the name Majora written on it in permanent marker. As Jadusable leaves, the old man said to him, "Goodbye, Ben."

Jadusable and his friend Tyler returned to the old man's house after the events of day four.wmv, where they found only a "for sale" sign. After BEN.wmv, Jadusable returned once more in hopes of catching him, instead finding from the neighbor that he had moved away.

Just before Jadusable fled his dorm room with the cartridge and his laptop, he spotted the old man outside his window, staring up into his room.


Nothing much is known about the old man. At first, he appeared to be kind and willing to part with a game that held sentimental value to him. However, a more sinister possibility became prominent when he abruptly moved after passing on the Majora cartridge, and subsequently appeared to be following Jadusable.



  • Contrary to popular belief, the old man and the Father have no confirmed connection.
  • Alex Hall claimed in an interview that the old man was supposed to return in the future.
  • The old man lived in Ben's neighborhood.
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