"keep this site running strong for me while i'm gone, i'll be back to come get you guys soon :)"

Christopher, also known as Nekko on, was a member of the Moon Children and a moderator on the website. He holds the distinction of being the youngest successful attempt at ascension.


Moon Children Arc

Nekko appeared in the First Cycle and described that the Moon Children gave him a family that he could trust, and that his ascension date was coming up. In Duskworld23's second post, he confirms that Nekko had ascended successfully.

Only Nekko's first post appeared during the Second Cycle, due to the short time that it lasted.

Hubris Arc

An account belonging to Nekko was found in the Tenor group on Within Hubris. When Wayward Horizon was unlocked, users found a topic posted by him titled, "The First." It contained the following: "whatis? wherethis? help me please, i'm so scared. where is everyone? i'm so lonely... mommy im so sorry. i promise i'll be a better son, i promise i'll be the little boy you've always wanted, i miss you i'm so scared... mommy just please wake me up. please PLEASE MOMMY WHERE ARE YOU."


Nekko is shown to be extremely friendly and trusting of his peers, and considers the Moon Children to be his true family. His excitement about his upcoming ascension may be a result of his young age. As shown in Wayward Horizon, he is still just a child and misses his mother, someone he implied was not part of his true family.



  • Assuming Ben's ascension was considered successful, and that Nekko was indeed the youngest to successfully ascend, Nekko would have been either 11 or 12 at the time of his ascension, but if he was 12, his birthday would have to be after April 23.
  • Alex Hall stated in the 4chan Q&A that it was never possible for the players to prevent Nekko's ascension. He compared it to Skull Kid hitting Tael whenever Link confronted him on top of the Clock Tower, in that, regardless of what Link or Tatl did, it would always happen.
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