"And please guys, don't make Mr. D upset."

Mr. D is a mysterious, unseen member of the Moon Children.  He is only mentioned twice on the entirety of, but is implied to be extremely important due to the context of the sentences in which he is mentioned.


Moon Children Arc

Mr. D is offhandedly mentioned by Duskworld23 during his congratulatory post about Nekko's upcoming ascension date. However, the lighthearted banter was contrasted by the final line of the post: "And please guys, don't make Mr. D upset."

Later on, Duskworld commented in the Guestbook that the whiteout was continuing, which meant not using the names the Moon Children had on the site, or even posting outside of the site, and that Mr. D had been very strict about that rule.


Nothing is known about Mr. D's personality.



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