Kelbris was a member of the Moon Children, and a prophet to the modern members as he claimed to have been contacted by Luna, the deity that embodies the moon and the subject of the Moon Children's worship. His interpretation of the end of the world and subsequent mysterious death made him a legendary figure within the cult. During the Moon Children Arc, he was discovered to have possibly ascended, as he was present on



Kelbris was said to have received whispers from Luna around this time. Her messages were distorted and sometimes contained the number 3 said between words, and sometimes between letters. Afterward, he was found electrocuted, but the reason was never discovered.

Moon Children Arc

Kelbris' presence on was first detected on the contact page for DROWNED, which contained Kelbris.jpg and the text, "Dead End. Go back," as well as a cipher in the title that translated to, "MY EYES... THEY TOOK... MY EYES..." The Search page also contained a possible message from Kelbris, "Do you honestly think you can escape me?"

During the Second Cycle, the Song of Healing was played, which triggered a message from Kelbris on the main page. The username read, "WHO DO YOU THINK THIS IS," and the post read, "I AM KNOCKING AT YOUR DOOR NEXT. LET ME IN. I WANT TO SPEAK." The post was made at 6:66pm (realistically, 7:06pm). Rosa's disappearance soon afterward is attributed to this action, and Kelbris is believed to be responsible for Ifrit's as well.

Hubris Arc

An account belonging to Kelbris was found in the Tenor group on Within Hubris. When Wayward Horizon was unlocked by users, a topic from him titled "..." was found. It consisted only of "GET OUT."


Not much is known about Kelbris, but he is shown to be aggressive and murderous, as he is believed to be responsible for both Ifrit's and Rosa's disappearances.



  • His avatar comes from Elephant Man, a digital painting by Michael Kutsche and based on David Lynch's film The Elephant Man.
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