This page will serve as a basic guide for creating and editing articles. Aside from special cases, the instructions in this article must be followed. It is highly recommended that you keep this guide in mind if you wish to contribute.

Given the relatively low size of the community centered around this subject (and therefore this wiki), this manual is fairly straightforward. Any questions, suggestions, or complaints can be addressed in the comments.

Manual of Style

Editing articles

  • Make edits in English, with exceptions including subjects that are named in a different language. Edits should be made using American English in order to avoid misconception.
  • Trivia should be interesting, legitimate and relevant pieces of information that do not belong elsewhere in the article. Speculation should generally be avoided, though the theory-heavy nature of this ARG may allow for it in some cases.
  • Talk pages are for conversations regarding article maintenance and correctness only.
  • One quote from a character may be featured at the beginning of their page. It must illustrate their personality and not be a quote shared by another character.
  • Do not add speculation or ambiguous information to article pages.
  • Do not add any information that has not been supported or confirmed by the works of Alex Hall. Any content produced by fans is considered non-canon and will not be tolerated.

Formatting information

  • Capitalize proper nouns, including names, locations, and titles (where applicable).
    • Note: is to be left lowercase, as it is a URL. It can be abbreviated as YSHDT, in caps.
  • Article content must be written from an in-universe perspective.


  • Plagiarism is not accepted. Content on this wiki must be written by users unless proper credit is given to the original writer(s).

Character status

  • Alive means that the character's physical body has not died and they have not ascended.
  • Dead means that the character's physical body has died.
    • Ascended means that the character has gone through the process of ascension (see below). It is to be used alongside the Dead status, in small text and parentheses.
  • Missing means that the character's disappearance is noted in the story.
  • Unknown means that the character's status is not defined by any of the above.

Note: Ascension is an ambiguous process with ambiguous results. It is implied that Ben, Nekko, Rosa, and Duskworld23 have each ascended, as they were all confined to a digital prison (the Majora cartridge and Wayward Horizon) after their deaths; Kelbris' "transcension," as it was called on the Theories page of, has not directly been called ascension, and he has also been implied to still exist in the physical world despite having died. In BEN's case in particular, it is listed as alive due to the distinction made between it and Ben.

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