"For Ben"
—Video description

InvertedSongofTime.MOV is the second video in the Moon Children Arc, and the ninth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by fj6rt and followed by NEWWAVEBOSSANOVA.MP4.

This is the second video response to be accepted and given an effect.


On September 19, 2010, one day into the Second Cycle of, a YouTube user called Freyadutenebres posted this video at the urge of a user named KittyKat2892, responding to free.wmv. This was Freya's only confirmed action.


The Inverted Song of Time somewhat slowed down the amount of time it took for the Second Cycle to progress. The response also elicited a ciphered message from BEN on Jadusable's YouTube channel. Decoded, it reads, "YOU'VE BEGUN TO START THINKING. YOU'VE BEGUN TO CATCH ON. YOU'VE MADE A DISCOVERY TODAY, BUT HOW LONG UNTIL THAT BLESSING BECOMES A CURSE?"





For Ben
Thank you KittyKat2892 for this idea..all credit goes to you..all I did was just made the video =)

Hopefully Jadusable will continue this ARG again so we can go further into the plot.

Thank you.

Oh and...
I used a N64...not a wii =P


Recording her TV and playing at the same time, Freya chooses a save file and spawns in Clock Town. Standing in front of the Clock Tower, she plays the Inverted Song of Time and chooses to slow the current flow of time.


  • This is the first video response by a player to be accepted and given an effect.
  • On September 24, Freya posted a video of the Sonata of Awakening. Whether she intended for it to have an effect is unknown, but the ARG had already been halted at the time.
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