This page is mainly a quick summarized version of Arc 1. The Summary for Arc 2 (Moon Children and Ryukaki arcs) can be found here. Arc 3, the final arc, can be found here. This arc is known as the "Jadusable Arc", and is the name recognized on Within Hubris, the official forum for the ARG.

A great log was posted by OOC Jad himself on Within Hubris. It can be found HERE. This is an abridged version.

Please post all OOC updates/notices that aren't on Jadusable's youtube or YSHDT on Out of Character Updates.

September 7th, 2010

  • Jadusable aquires an odd copy of Majora's Mask from a shady old man. It has no label and the word 'Majora' written on it in marker.
  • Jadusable plays the game and finds an existing file on the game simply named 'BEN'. He leaves it be as a tribute to the previous owner and creates his own file called 'Link'.
  • While playing his own file, the NPCs switch from calling him 'Link' and 'BEN'.
  • Fed up and a bit creeped out, Jadusable deletes BEN's file in hopes that the NPCs would stop calling him BEN. Instead, they call him nothing; there's just a blank spot where his name should be.
  • Jadusable tries the "4th Day Glitch". It succeeds, but as he exits the telescope he finds himself in the final boss room with the Skull Kid.
  • The Skull Kid would follow him wherever he moved. This was odd; the Skull Kid is never supposed to appear there in the stock game.
  • After a minute, right as he was about to reset the system, a text box saying "You're not sure why, but you apparently had a reservation..." appears. This is usually seen in the game when you get the Room Key at the Stock Pot Inn.
  • Jadusable tried to find some sort of trigger in the room before another text box came up asking "Go to the lair of the boss? Yes/No".
  • Hesitant, but unable to select no, Jadusable hit Yes and the screen faded to white. "Dawn Of A New Day" with the subtitle "IIIIIII" appeared.
  • He ended up in Clock Town, now completely abandoned, with a reversed version of the Song of Healing playing everywhere in the town. He also swore he could hear the Happy Mask Salesman's laugh every so often.
  • The ghost Clock Town started to wear on Jadusable. He stated that the missing textures and complete emptiness of the area made him feel so alone and broken. By the time he made it to South Clock Town, he was on the verge of tears.
  • He tried to leave Clock Town, but he would end up in another part of Clock Town every time he tried. He also tried using the Song of Time and the Song of Soaring, but all he would get is the message "Your notes echo far, but nothing happens.".
  • Jadusable then decided he would try to drown himself at the Laundry Pool. When he got there, an image of the Happy Mask Salesman appeared, accompanied by the laughter of the Skull Kid.
  • When the image disappeared, a statue of Link - the one that would normally appear only when you play the Elegy Of Emptiness - appeared in front of Jadusable.
  • At this point, Jadusable tried to run out of the Laundry Pool in terror. To his surprise, the statue followed him. With every few steps he took, the statue would spawn behind him.
  • Jadusable tried to run away from the statue. Occasionally, the Happy Mask Salesman's image would pop onto the screen for 1/10th of a second. Other times, Link would spasm in odd ways.
  • It was at this point that Jadusable decided to record what was happening.
  • He ran to the Swordsman Dojo, hoping to find someone, but to no avail. It was here the statue conered him in the back cubby.
  • Jadusable tried attacking the statue, but it had no effect. The Happy Mask Salesman popped on screen once more and, when the screen returned, Link and the statue were facing the camera. Jadusable stated it felt as though they were staring directly at him.
  • He ran out of the dojo in fear, but instead of being taken back to East Clock Town, he was warped to an underground tunnel. It was only a few brief moments before the statue showed itself again, this time spawning every four or five steps.
  • Jadusable ran out of the tunnel into the ghost town, looking for an escape from the Elegy statue. Suddenly, a ReDead screamed and "Dawn Of A New Day" with the subtitle "IIIIIII" again appeared.
  • As the screen faded in, Jadusable found himself on top of the Clock Tower with the Skull Kid and the moon looming overhead. The Ikana Canyon theme, reversed, played in the background.
  • Running out of ideas, Jadusable took out his bow and fired off three shots at the Skull Kid, causing him to say "That won't do you any good, hee hee!". Link was the lifted off the ground and set ablaze with surges of electricity in the flames, an animation not normally seen in the stock game.
  • The screen faded out then back in on the exact same spot on the Clock Tower. Feeling desperate, he charged the Skull Kid but, once again, was lifted off the ground and set on fire. This time the death screen was accompanied by the Reverse Song Of Healing.
  • Upon the third time, Jadusable remembered his knowledge of the stock and tried play the Song Of Time, but before the song could be completed, Link was again set ablaze.
  • When the screen faded back in, Link was on the ground with his head tilted toward the camera. Jadusable tried to move but found nothing worked. Eventually, it faded out and displayed the message "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?" and sent him to the title screen.
  • Back at the file select screen, Jadusable found his 'Link' file was replaced with a file entitled 'YOURTURN'. He selected the file and began.
  • Jadusable found himself back at the Clock Tower with Link still lying on the ground and the Skull Kid's laugh looping in the background. He quickly hit the reset button and was back at the file select screen.
  • There was a new file entitled 'BEN', the same as it was before it was deleted.
  • At that point, Jadusable turned off the system and went to write down was had just happened. He was paranoid, afraid, and sleep deprived. The game had taken its toll on Jadusable.

Chapter 1 Links

dayfour.wmv articledayfour.wmv on WHChapter 1 Remake

September 8th, 2010

  • Jadusable states that he had a dream about the Elegy statue. He said he called it Ben, and it would follow him wherever he went.
  • Jadusable drives out to find the old man, hoping to find answers. He instead finds the house empty, a For Sale sign on the lawn.
  • As he walked back to his car, the next-door neighbor approached him, asking him if he was looking for someone.
  • Jadusable learns the old man never had any kids or grandchildren. However, there was a boy who used to live around there named Ben. He, apparently, had an accident four years back on April 23rd. The man would not divulge anything further.
  • Jadusable went back to play the game once more. This time, he selected the BEN file. It had changed a bit since he last saw it: this time, BEN had already completed the Stone Tower Temple.
  • Upon starting the game, Jadusable found himself just outside the Stone Tower Temple. Things were, as usual, messed up. Link's avatar was cocked to the side and demonic sounds played in the background over the local music. It was only a few minutes before the Elegy statue appeared, yet again. Shortly after, "Dawn of a New Day" appeared on-screen, but this time without the subtitle.
  • When the screen faded in, Jadusable found himself in front of the Clock Tower as Deku Link. As the camera was fixed behind the Clock Tower door, there was nowhere else to go.
  • When inside the Clock Tower, he met the Happy Mask Salesman again. The man spouted the same familiar line, "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you," before the screen faded to black.
  • Jadusable found himself in Termina Field. As he examined the surrounding area, he noticed four figures in the distance. He approached them with caution.
  • As he approached, he could see Epona, Skull Kid, the Elegy statue, and the Happy Mask Salesman. The Salesman's head would follow Link wherever he stepped.
  • Gathering his courage, Jadusable pulled out Link's ocarina and played the Song of Healing. Before the last note finished playing, Link caught fire and died, a sped-up version of the Happy Mask Salesman's theme playing the whole while.
  • He was again met with the line "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?".
  • Jadusable was then treated to a cutscene of Link transforming into a Zora. When it ended, he found himself in Great Bay, with the theme playing backwards.
  • Seeing Epona on the shore, he approached her. He wondered about her importance and eventually came to the conclusion she was pointing to something out in the distant sea.
  • Taking a chance, Jadusable set out to find something. While in the depths of Great Bay, he spotted a small dark figure at the sea bottom. When he approached it, he discovered it was yet another Elegy statue.
  • After a moment of close inspection, Zora Link started to choke and quickly died. It was odd, because Zoras can breathe underwater.
  • Jadusable was thrust back to the start screen and, upon pressing start, was greeted by two save files. BEN and DROWNED.
  • Jadusable quickly realized this is what happened to Ben but could not understand the meaning behind the message. Too freaked out to play anymore, Jadusable shut off the system and went to post the video.

Chapter 2 Links

BEN.wmv articleBEN.wmv on WHChapter 2 Remake

September 10th, 2010

  • Jadusable picks up the game again and plays the DROWNED file.
  • He starts out at the very beginning of the game, where Link is in the forest after the opening cutscene.
  • It is silent as he runs through the Lost Woods, with ony a few bits of quiet sounds here and there.
  • He drops through the hole and has the normal conversation with the Skull Kid. Most of the text here is jumbled and unreadable. The only thing that wasn't jumbled was, "Aww, boo-hoo, why the sad face? I just thought I'd have a little fun with you."
  • The scene cuts to Skull Kid using Majora's Mask to transform Link into a Deku Scrub. However, Link stays in Hylian form through the rest of the scene, until it is cut short by an out-of-place song prompt.
  • Jadusable plays the Elegy of Emptiness, which sends him all over the place. Signs, Gossip Stones, people, and text boxes all stated, "You shouldn't have done that."
  • The first in-game reference, aside from the save file, to Ben is made. "BEN is getting lonely..."
  • The game tells Jadusable he has one last chance to start over from where it all began.
  • His original file is restored, as well as Ben's old file.
  • Jadusable stated he wasn't touching the game again, that he was being haunted by the statue or possibly Ben. He was losing his grip on reality.

Chapter 3 Links

DROWNED.wmv articleDROWNED.wmv on WHChapter 3 Remake

September 12th, 2010

  • Jadusable's roommate posts an article explaining how Jadusable has been acting weird and paranoid, and his appearance is ghastly. He goes on to explain how Jadusable game him a flash drive with specific instructions to upload the contents on the exact dates he outlined. He then informs us that Jadusable had moved out and gone back home with his parents, and that they were in and out so fast he didn't even see them.
  • The roommate posts jadusable.wmv as per Jadusable's instructions. He claims he cut out the save screen because he didn't think it was important at the time, and apologizes for cutting it.
  • In the video, it shows Jadusable in Ikana Canyon by the Owl Statue. He puts on the Mask of Truth a few times before making his way to Castle Ikana.
  • Inside the castle, Jadusable makes his way to the throne room, where he is greeted by the King of Ikana. he speaks in gibberish much like Skull Kid did in DROWNED.wmv. A song prompt eventually pops up.
  • Again, Jadusable plays the Elegy of Emptiness. It activates the correct cutscene this time, but with gibberish replacing the normal dialogue.
  • Jadusable finds himself trapped in the corner of the room as it turns a dark shade of purple and one of the mini-bosses from the Stone Tower Temple, Gomess (who resembles the Grim Reaper), comes from across the room and kills Link in one slice.
  • A black screen appears with the message, "Why is he smiling? The father." The screen fades in to show Ikana Graveyard.
  • In the graveyard, Jadusable reads three grave stones. One reads, "The melody that summons the tears of angels rests here." The second reads, "A brave soldier from the Kingdom of Ikana rests here." The last reads, "The vessel that can hold spirits rests here."
  • After reading the last grave stone, Jadusable falls in and ends up in the twisted corridor before the Clock Tower. At the end of the hallway sits another Elegy statue. Another message is displayed: "It'll be our little secret, okay?"
  • Jadusable is translated to where the Happy Mask Salesman sits beside an elegy statue. After a few moments, another statue begins to appear before the screen cuts to black.
  • Another message pops up, saying, " me."
  • The file select screen fades back in, with two files shown: Link and MATT.

Chapter 4 Links

jadusable.wmv articlejadusable.wmv on WHChapter 4 Remake

September 15th, 2010

  • On schedule, Jadusable's roommate puts up another post. Along with a download link are the words, "Honesty is the best policy."
  • The download link contains a document entitled TheTruth.rtf, which explains that BEN has hijacked Jadusable's computer and censored his posts and videos. He says he kept a few notes that document some other findings BEN censored, such as the Moon Children and two other videos, entitled "MATT.wmv" and "children.wmv". Neither video was ever released.
  • A little over an hour-and-a-half later, a video entitled "free.wmv" was posted to Youtube. The video was of a black screen that said, "The counter resets. I'm glad you did that."
  • The Truth document that was released has several instances where corruption by BEN is implicit:
    • Those who analyzed the Truth document noticed a few choice words that seemed out of character for Jadusable, mainly, "I'm glad you opened this and opened yourselves to me. Really you shouldn't have. Thanks to all your support I'm finally free of this."
    • The Truth document was stated by Jadusable to be released in a txt format. Instead, it was released as an rtf.
    • The Truth document contains three instances where the word "believe" (or a variation) is used. In these instances, a different letter is capitalized for each separate instance: "beLieve," "belIeve," and "beliEving." The capitalized letters spell out "LIE."
    • Before Jadusable's salutation of, "Thanks Again, Jadusable," there contains a corrupted letter "a." NOOb64 states that the corruption is "zalgo," which is used to represent corruption and decay.
    • In his notes for September 8th, 2010, the 3:00 PM entry is missing. Whether or not this is significant is unknown, as it might be pause to the 3:02 PM entry.
    • Jadusable states that he was living in a single dorm room while these events unfolded, meaning there was no roommate in the first place.
  • Panic quickly spread as many believed BEN was now on their computers watching them. Jadusable was assumed either dead or trapped within the haunted cartridge with BEN.

Chapter 5 Links

free.wmv articleTheTruth.rtfChapter 5 Remake

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