"Somethings appeared, but its not like the other... no"
—Missing text from TheTruth.rtf in h b i s r ea l

h b i s r ea l is the first and only video of the Hubris Arc, and the twenty-sixth canon video in the ARG. It is preceded by the Moon Children Arc's 2.


On February 27, 2011, this video was uploaded to Jadusable's YouTube channel. Instead of the Hubris Reveal trailer, this video showed an excerpt from TheTruth.rtf before exploring the interior of a house, ending with the text, "clear my thoughts; try again."


H b i s re a l

H b i s re a l


Here it is, the long awai-;;;..///;'BREAK;///////////;.


The background is black. The following text from TheTruth.rtf scrolls upward: "4:09pm...making me play the game again. It tells me," "6:23pm (Summary of DROWNED.wmv playthrough)," "8:25pm Somethings appeared, but its not like the other... no," and, "[Summary of CHILDREN.wmv playthrough]."

A binary code appears behind the text, which reads, "isn't clear yet" when decoded. A few seconds later, the screen cuts to black and the interior of a house is shown. The view shifts several times and cuts out twice before moving through the house and out the back door. The entirety of this movement is set to the sound of a heartbeat. The screen fades to black.

Two lines of text appear. The top reads, "clear my thoughts," and the bottom reads, "try again."


  • The entry from 8:25pm was not present in TheTruth.rtf.
  • This house is implied to be Ben's house due to the presence of a pool outside the back door.
    • The house first appeared in the Newspaper Letter, where it was confirmed to be the former residence of the Lawman family. It later appeared in the Hubris Alpha as an empty house with no textures.
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