"I think I'm hearing Luna, I'm not sure though, my mind could just be playing tricks on me. But I could've sworn I heard her just now. Not sure what she said though."

Spencer L., also known as Duskworld23 on, was a member of the Moon Children first encountered during the First Cycle. He was a moderator for the site.


Moon Children Arc

Duskworld23 appeared regularly through the duration of, as he was a moderator and apparently one of the designers of the site. His posts included technical issues with some pages, but the most notable subject he spoke of was Nekko's ascension. Leading up to it, he was shown to be enthusiastic about it, and he noted afterward that the ascension was successful, and that he believed that Nekko was their youngest successful ascension. Only the first of his two posts appeared in the Second Cycle.

Hubris Arc

An account belonging to Duskword23 was found in the Tenor group on Within Hubris. When Wayward Horizon was unlocked, users found a topic posted by him, titled "The Fourth." It contained the following: "I can't stand it. I can't even have a moment; I can't stand it. I can't even have a moment no think. I want to kill myself, but I don't know how. Have to find a way, before I lose myself."


Duskworld23 appeared to be a relatively enthusiastic person, as he expressed his joy at Nekko's ascension and even made it known that he was jealous. Nevertheless, only nice words were said. He is also implied to be afraid of Mr. D, a mysterious member with no trace of presence.



  • Duskworld23 mentions another member named Rem, but it is unknown if he or she is significant.
  • His avatar is a character called Tesseract from the Skulduggery Pleasant novel series.
  • In his post "Rebirth" he called attention to his username changing, saying he thought it was symbolic.
    • File 13, his avatar, is titled "DarkWorld23 Avatar" which reveals the previous handle.
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