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Order of the Moon

Don't know if anyone else will actually come to see this, but:

I believe it would a good idea to remove the article about the "Order of the Moon" website completely, given the recent confirmation that it is neither trying to archive the old You Shouldn't Have Done That site or pose as a legitimate part of the game. The update here confirms that the creator is intending it to be a seperate site making an attempt to start it's own Children of Luna, one "inspired by" the ARG.

As such, the article on the page does not really have a place on the wiki, which is supposed to be a collection of game relevant information, which Order of the Moon is clearly not and does not intend to be at any time. Again: This leaves no reason for the article to have a place here, and only serves to clutter the wiki at this time.

CandycaneFLAWS 23:03, December 28, 2010 (UTC) candycaneFLAWS

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